Program Impact


Nailah Shabazz

West Park Cultural Center takes immense pride in celebrating the achievements of its participants, and Nailah Shabazz stands as a shining example of the impact our programs can have on young lives. Nailah, the inaugural recipient of the Cheryl Anna Bostic-Athias Scholarship (CABA), exemplifies excellence and resilience cultivated through her four years in the danceLogic program. Nailah participated in multiple West Park Cultural Center programs starting at age 10. 

Nailah Shabazz is an example of the transformative power of programs like danceLogic, showcasing a commitment to her educational journey in STEM.

Nailah’s journey in danceLogic was not just a dance class experience but a stepping stone to a remarkable future in STEM. Excelling in both dance and Coding as a danceLogic student and eventually serving as a Coding Assistant working with girls in basic Coding, Nailah displayed exceptional commitment. 

During the challenging times of the Pandemic, WPCC hired Nailah to teach a virtual video game design class for young children, receiving accolades from the parents of the twelve children she taught.

Her involvement in danceLogic laid the foundation for Nailah’s success in STEM at Central High School. As the Lead Programmer on the FIRST Robotics Competition Team, she led a team of 20+ programmers. The team earned induction into the 321 Robolancers Hall of Fame and won the prestigious Championship Impact Award in 2023.

In her first year at Penn State, Nailah is majoring in computer science. Her aspirations extend beyond personal success as Nailah visits danceLogic to mentor girls in the program. She also plans to give back to her community by utilizing her Coding and artificial intelligence skills to address water sanitation concerns in Philadelphia, showcasing a commitment to community impact.

We are very proud of Nailah and her growth throughout our programs. West Park Cultural Center is committed to supporting youth like Nailah, empowering them to pursue their dreams and make significant contributions. To learn more about West Park Cultural Center and our programs, visit

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