Afterschool Ceramics/Fall Session 2018


  • Further develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Achieve greater understanding of ceramic fundamentals and the elements of art.

During the fall session students will be guided to examine and expand their views on and methods of artmaking. For a 21st century artist, artmaking has very few, if any, limits; art has many perspectives and very few right answers. Therefore, students in this program have choices that influence their projects based on what is important and interesting to them. This fluid approach creates space for the students to utilize creative thinking skills at all levels of experience.


This course will utilize both group and one-on-one instruction, demonstrations of wheel throwing and hand building techniques, interactive project critiques, occasional out of class research assignments, essential vocabulary, and visual aids.Ceramic art skills include:


Vessel project

Using any construction technique, students will create a vessel designed to contain something specific of the student’s choosing. Students will be encouraged to choose something significant to them and consider their design as a consequence of their concept.

Imagery project

Students will be asked to draw or find a pattern or image they find inspiring. Then, they will choose an appropriate form to incorporate their design (can be a tile, box, sculpture, pottery, etc.), which will illustrate how ceramics relates to other art disciplines.

Multi-part sculpture

Students will design a modular form that they will repeat to create a more complex design. Alternatively, students may create a matching set of objects which are combined to form a larger piece.

By Nairobi Shabazz

Afterschool Ceramics/Fall Session 2018
Afterschool Ceramics/Fall Session 2018