Visual Art 2021

Sight as Texture: clay basics
Week one campers made magnets of their initials out of clay. They learned how to roll and paint clay. Emphasis is learning on how to think with their hand and how to feel

Sight as Texture: coiling
Week two, campers coil-built cups and planters. They learn basic clay rolling and coiling techniques.

Sight as Texture: pinching and hand-building
Week three, children hand-build and paint their favorite food/recipe card. They will learn pinching and hand-building clay models. Emphasis will be on food texture.

Sight as Texture: putting it all together
Week four, campers make a garden gnome creature of their choice. Gnomes are drawn, hand-built, and displayed in the garden. Emphasis is on the texture and surface of the clay.

By Nairobi Shabazz

Visual Art 2021