Niesha Kennedy

Niesha Kennedy
PR Manager
Phone: 215-278-3450

Niesha Kennedy-Robinson is an accomplished public relations professional that has a genuine love of the arts. With over 8 years experience in Public Relations, and over 10 years as a small business owner, Niesha has the expertise to properly represent the arts and culture industry and entrepreneurs who run small businesses. She has worked with a diverse group of artists and is known and respected in the arts community. Niesha has always been “in the know” and the go to person for the latest happenings. She started her public relations career as Director of Public Relations for Sharp With Art Group. She is also a contributor for Philly Entrepreneurs, Handmade Philly, Mandis Mag and others.

Niesha is passionate about community service. She is a Founding Member and Vice President of the Wolfpack Community Association. In addition to she also has volunteered for Alex’s Lemonade Foundation, Philadelphia Community Corps among others. She currently resides in Philadelphia with her husband and two daughters.