Aaliyah Smith

Aaliyah Smith

2018 – Camp Ginkgo
I am 8 years old and my favorite color is gold. I love coffee. My favorite class in camp is dance and in art I learned to be patient.

2017 – I like makeup. My favorite game is tag. Something people don’t know is that I’m fancy. In ceramics afterschool I like glazing and the projects.


Camp Ginkgo Activities, Ceramics


Afterschool Ceramics/Fall Session 2018

LEARNING OBJECTIVES Further develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills Achieve greater understanding of ceramic fundamentals and the elements of art. During the fall session students will be guided to examine and expand their views on and methods of artmaking. For a 21st century artist, artmaking has very few, if any, limits; art has many perspectives Read More

Camp Ginkgo Dance 2018

With artist/counselor Shanel Edwards campers explored their own movement while creating a group piece to perform. They learned 3 foundational styles, Hip-hop, Salsa and Contemporary/Modern to build a piece. The campers were able to implement some of their own choreography.

Camp Ginkgo Film/Photography

Camp Ginkgo 2019 Artist/Counselor Natasha Cohen-Carroll Camp Ginkgo 2018 Artist Counselor David Pratt created the following projects in both film and photography to inspire camper creativity. Redefined: Campers crafted a mood board reflecting themselves. They were then given the option to craft a metaphor from the iconography on the mood board or to reinterpret a lyric from Read More

Video Project “Dear Self”

A video created by the Camp Ginkgo Teal Group sharing thoughts on their younger self and older self – Natasha Cohen-Carroll, artist/counselor 2017. During the process campers learned and used professional equipment. Dear Self