Aubrey Gallman

Aubrey Gallman

My name is Aubrey. I love to play basketball and I’m in a Malvern prep league. I like cats. My favorite color is blue. I also love to read and write. I really like Harry Potter books (books are way better than movies.)  July 2021

My favorite things to do are dance, sing, and play. At camp I enjoy art, acting, and playing dodgeball. At home I like to play with my brothers and my kittens and read books. When I get older I want to play a lot of sports and become famous or become the world’s best boxing champion. I think about becoming a writer too. – July 2019

My name is Aubrey and I have a big sister and two brothers. I like to play with my twin brothers. I like to play with dogs. At camp I learned to dance, how to blend colors and work in a community. In Mr. Pratt’s class I learned how to take pictures and do videos. I like everything in camp. I like the teachers, the games, friends, breakfast and lunch. I like projects even though they can be hard. I am always up for the challenge. – July 2018


Camp Ginkgo Activities


Photography/Video Roots and Branches Groups 2021

The Branches and Roots groups learned to take close up photos and how to pose models and give instructions to the subject. All three groups learned composition and how to take good photos with whatever camera they have.  The Branches and Roots groups created their own short film. They wrote out the plot, executed the Read More