Daven James

Daven James

I want to go to Italy.


Camp Ginkgo Activities


Music – Melody Project

The campers expanded on their note knowledge using xylophones and recorders! We learned about perfusion and wind instruments while playing familiar tunes, and some applied these new skills to the New Camp Ginkgo Song!

Music – Ritmo Project

Ritmo Workshop The Branches (middle group) created their own maracas, learned about musical rhythms and how to read music and created their own signature rhythms. They also learned how to play boom-whackers, which were used as a fun way to learn notes! They applied their skills in the creation of the New Camp Ginkgo Song! Read More

Visual Art 2021

Sight as Texture: clay basics Week one campers made magnets of their initials out of clay. They learned how to roll and paint clay. Emphasis is learning on how to think with their hand and how to feel Sight as Texture: coiling Week two, campers coil-built cups and planters. They learn basic clay rolling and Read More