Imani Nasir

Imani Nasir

I like to draw. My favorite game is Just Dance. Something people don’t know is I was in a play at my school. When I’m in my room I like going on my phone, tablet or laptop to watch Youtube and play video games like Just Dance and Club Penguin. Sometimes I play Fortnite on my father’s phone. I also play Scrabble in tournaments. I’ve won two awards. Some things I like about camp are playing Capture the Flag, going to the pool, and art. – July 2019


Camp Ginkgo Activities


Camp Ginkgo Haiku 2019

The campers were introduced to Haiku poetry and created their own poems during Film/Photography.

Nature Up Close

Campers learned to photograph by taking close ups of plants, flowers,. and details in the Fairmount Park Horticulture Center. They used a Canon 70D and Canon 5D.