Kayla Brown

Kayla Brown

I love unicorns, I love slime, I love Buffalo Wings, I love puppies, I love Justice, I love art, I hate hot sauce and I love butterflies.


Camp Ginkgo Film/Photography

Artist Counselor David Pratt created the following projects in both film and photography to inspire camper creativity. Redefined: Campers crafted a mood board reflecting themselves. They were then given the option to craft a metaphor from the iconography on the mood board or to reinterpret a lyric from a favorite. Out Of Line: Campers were given the Read More

Video Project “Dear Self”

A video created by the Camp Ginkgo Teal Group sharing thoughts on their younger self and older self – Natasha Cohen-Carroll, artist/counselor 2017. During the process campers learned and used professional equipment. Dear Self