Logan Rivers

Logan Rivers

Camp Ginkgo 2018 – She is a hard working woman. She likes hiking and the outdoors. She wants to be an actress and a game developer. I liked the improv and dance as well, it’s really fun. The campers and counselors are cool too! I like the amazing park and woods.In camp I learned to be a better person and a better artist. Maybe one day we can go hiking!

Camp Ginkgo 2017 -The name is Bond, James Bond – just kidding. My name is Logan, I like a lot of things. I’m motivational speaker to my friends. I really like money and saving, for like a week. I really like jackets all kinds of jackets. I would wear a jacket on the hottest days. When I grow up I would like to be an actress.


Camp Ginkgo Activities


Documentary Filmmaking

Youth learn how to produce a documentary, from the planning to the filming. The documentary is a collaborative project on a theme chosen by the participants, and filmed using cell phones.  

Nature Up Close

Campers learned to photograph by taking close ups of plants, flowers,. and details in the Fairmount Park Horticulture Center. They used a Canon 70D and Canon 5D.

Video Project “Dear Self”

A video created by the Camp Ginkgo Teal Group sharing thoughts on their younger self and older self – Natasha Cohen-Carroll, artist/counselor 2017. During the process campers learned and used professional equipment. Dear Self