Meadow Allen

Meadow Allen

I am 13 years old and I live in Yeadon, Pennsylvania. I attend Beulah Baptist Christian School and come June 1 I will become an 8th grade graduate. A few things about myself is that I enjoy dancing, I enjoy learning and expanding my knowledge on hair care. I love sleep, I love food, and take pleasure in traveling. I have 4 siblings and I am the youngest girl of 3.

I have always had a passion for dancing and I finally asked my mom to enroll me into dance school when I was 9 years old. I danced at L&L Dance Productions for 2 years. I enjoy watching others dance as well. I love the facial expressions of a dancer when they are deeply into their choreography, which makes you feel their passion for the dance. My Aunt who lives in North Carolina teaches African Dance at a university. Dance is something I would love to continue to do and grow stronger.



danceLogic is an innovative program for teen girls combining dance and computer coding. The girls cultivate a well rounded understanding of dance including Hip-hop/ballet/contemporary styles and collaborate to choreograph their own dance pieces. During the dance class, led by instructors Shanel Edwards and Tyra Jones-Blain, the girls learn dance skills and movement techniques. This is followed by Read More