Nairobi Shabazz

Nairobi Shabazz

My favorite things to do are playing with my sisters, eating, and watching TV. At camp I enjoy swimming, playing tag, and playing games. At home I like to swim, play Roblox, and watch TV. When I get older I want to be a lawyer because I like to talk and give speeches and tell people what to do. – July 2019


July 2018


Camp Ginkgo Activities


Afterschool Ceramics/Fall Session 2018

LEARNING OBJECTIVES Further develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills Achieve greater understanding of ceramic fundamentals and the elements of art. During the fall session students will be guided to examine and expand their views on and methods of artmaking. For a 21st century artist, artmaking has very few, if any, limits; art has many perspectives Read More

Camp Ginkgo Haiku 2019

The campers were introduced to Haiku poetry and created their own poems during Film/Photography.

Nature Up Close

Campers learned to photograph by taking close ups of plants, flowers,. and details in the Fairmount Park Horticulture Center. They used a Canon 70D and Canon 5D.