Ty’lier Baker

Ty’lier Baker

I attended Camp Ginkgo for several years and after aging out I returned to be an assistant counselor. Learning to express myself through art mediums has stuck with me to this day. Learning about art has also allowed me to pave the way to what I want to do. Today I’m preparing to enter my sophomore year at University of Vermont. I major in Film and Television studies and minor in Japanese. Despite screenwriting and directing being my primary focus for the future, I still create comics in my spare time. I’ve continued to be a part of the camp as assistant counselor. I enjoy working with the kids and helping to ignite their passion for art.


Camp Ginkgo Activities, Music, Visual Art


Commercial Project

The students learned about advertising and used their theatre/film acting skills that we previously worked on to create their own commercial advertisement. The students were given some guidelines, such as to include persuasive techniques, a price, and creativity aspects; but the entirety of the commercials were created and invented by the students. I was very Read More

Flower Dissection

At the Horticultural Center, we were surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers. By dissecting a Lily Alstromeria flower, campers discovered the inner-workings of the flower and learned that a flower performs an important job for a plant. The flower is the reproductive organ of the plant. Flowers are pretty and smell good because they need Read More

Nature Study

Fairmount Park is home to a complex local ecosystem. Campers assembled into specialized groups to investigate various aspects of the life of Fairmount Park. Our field study groups were: Birds, Insects, Trees, and Other Living Things. Once they had observed and identified their subjects using field guide books, campers created water color paintings of what Read More


We started out by looking at paintings of flowers by Georgia O’Keefe, an innovative painter of the mid-twentieth century. She painted flowers from an up close perspective, hoping to share the unique way in which she personally saw them. Campers then spent a few days in the green-house, sketching the plants that they found most Read More

Stomp Routine No. 1 – Buckets

Students They have learned intricate rhythms and techniques in using everyday items that can be transformed into a musical experience that takes much concentration and practice. This routine involved improvisation and a four beat ostinato which is repeated throughout the student-composed piece.