Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers play a significant role in the success of the West Park Arts Fest. It is a fun day that offers a wide range of volunteer activities. Every volunteer receives a West Park Arts Fest T-shirt and access to our hospitality tent. Volunteers should wear comfortable shoes.

We are thrilled to have Jasmine Bullock as our Volunteer Coordinator.

We ask volunteers to give us a minimum of 4 hrs but all day is always welcome.

Volunteer Tasks by Time of Day

Morning / 8am – 12:00pm

Afternoon / 12pm – 5:00pm


Arts Fest Volunteer Form

  • Select your preferred time to volunteer
  • As a volunteer, I agree to abide by all applicable rules and regulations of West Park Cultural Center and guidelines of this event and to fulfill the volunteer responsibilities to the best of my ability. I understand that I will receive no monetary benefits in return for the volunteer service I provide. I further understand and agree that West Park Cultural Center shall not be responsible for any injuries to me or damages to my property that may occur in the course of the volunteer service. I agree to indemnify and hold West Park Cultural Center harmless to the extent permitted by law for any such injuries or damages. I further understand West Park Cultural Center may terminate this agreement at any time without prior notice.

Volunteer Coordinator: Jasmine Bullock