West Park Cultural Center promotes a thriving West Park environment by using arts and culture as a central tool that helps youth tap their creative and academic potential, and where residents can access the arts, education, and other support programs that contribute to their personal development, helping them come together as a strong community.


West Park Cultural Center will be a community-based resource where children and adults will access the arts and educational opportunities through programs that contribute to their personal development and quality of life.  By serving people of all afes and backgrounds, we will create opportunities for neighbors and organizations to know one another and develop connections that create a strong community.


We recognize the potential of each individual and work with patience and compassion to ensure the success of the children and adults who enter our programs.

We respect the diversity of our community and believe that celebrating these differences will enhance the lives of those we serve.

We collaborate with other organizations and businesses in order to maximize resources and strengthen our ability to serve our community.