Lloyd Williams

Lloyd Williams

My favorite things to do are play video games, watch Netflix (having our fire stick) and going on trips. At camp I enjoy swimming, playing dodgeball and zip, zap, zop. At home home I like to play rock paper scissors, play my Ds and watch Netflix. When I get older I want to be a doctor to make people feel better and make them feel happy. – July 2019

July 2021
I like Captain America and I play the piano.


Camp Ginkgo Activities


Music – Melody Project

The campers expanded on their note knowledge using xylophones and recorders! We learned about perfusion and wind instruments while playing familiar tunes, and some applied these new skills to the New Camp Ginkgo Song!

Photography/Video Roots and Branches Groups 2021

The Branches and Roots groups learned to take close up photos and how to pose models and give instructions to the subject. All three groups learned composition and how to take good photos with whatever camera they have.  The Branches and Roots groups created their own short film. They wrote out the plot, executed the Read More