Nzingha “Ziggy” Shabazz

Nzingha “Ziggy” Shabazz

I will be 13 on July 14th. My favorite colors are red, black, and pink. My favorite movie is IT, favorite show Haikyuu, favorite genre is horror, and favorite character is Hajime Iwaizumi. I enjoy ice skating and volleyball. July 2021

I am 11 years old. I like to play video games like Call of Duty or Halo. My favorite colors are blue and black. I like to perform and create art, that includes drawing. I also like  to play outside with friends and play Flobox. Three things I like at camp are our intense games of Capture the Flag, Man Hunt and lunch. – July 2019



Camp Ginkgo Activities


Afterschool Ceramics/Fall Session 2018

LEARNING OBJECTIVES Further develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills Achieve greater understanding of ceramic fundamentals and the elements of art. During the fall session students will be guided to examine and expand their views on and methods of artmaking. For a 21st century artist, artmaking has very few, if any, limits; art has many perspectives Read More

Camp Ginkgo 2019 Activities

In addition to various projects in art, dance, voice, acting, and film/photography, campers engage in recreational activities, games, and field trips.


danceLogic is an innovative program for teen girls combining dance and computer coding. The girls cultivate a well rounded understanding of dance including Hip-hop/ballet/contemporary styles and collaborate to choreograph their own dance pieces. During the dance class, led by instructors Shanel Edwards and Tyra Jones-Blain, the girls learn dance skills and movement techniques. This is followed by Read More

Music – Guitar

Guitar Workshop The Roots (oldest group) studied the fundamentals of guitar technique, practice, and performance for the duration of the camp, aided by active listening during each lesson. They applied what they learned in the creation of the New Camp Ginkgo Song!

Nature Up Close

Campers learned to photograph by taking close ups of plants, flowers,. and details in the Fairmount Park Horticulture Center. They used a Canon 70D and Canon 5D.

Photography/Video Roots and Branches Groups 2021

The Branches and Roots groups learned to take close up photos and how to pose models and give instructions to the subject. All three groups learned composition and how to take good photos with whatever camera they have.  The Branches and Roots groups created their own short film. They wrote out the plot, executed the Read More