Trinity Seahorn

Trinity Seahorn

Hi, my name is Trinity Seahorn. I’m 14 years old and in the 9th grade at Florence Memorial High School. My hobbies are drawing, writing, reading, and listening to music. Previously I’ve taken part in the school play, basketball, and drama club, and I’m currently tracking part in school soccer.


Camp Ginkgo Activities, Music


Music – Guitar

Guitar Workshop The Roots (oldest group) studied the fundamentals of guitar technique, practice, and performance for the duration of the camp, aided by active listening during each lesson. They applied what they learned in the creation of the New Camp Ginkgo Song!

Photography/Video Roots and Branches Groups 2021

The Branches and Roots groups learned to take close up photos and how to pose models and give instructions to the subject. All three groups learned composition and how to take good photos with whatever camera they have.  The Branches and Roots groups created their own short film. They wrote out the plot, executed the Read More