What I've Created

Project Description Type Date
Nature Study

Fairmount Park is home to a complex local ecosystem. Campers assembled into specialized groups to investigate various aspects of the life of Fairmount Park. Our field study groups were: Birds, Insects, Trees, and Other Living Things. Once they had observed and identified their subjects using field guide books, campers created water color paintings of what they observed and made some notes on what they had learned.

visual art 29/08/2015
Paper Mache Mask

Campers made paper-mache by soaking newspaper in watery Elmer’s glue. They then laid their paper-mache over a balloon and let it dry. Once the paper-mache was dry campers could add more paper-mache forms to the surface to create 3-D features. The mask finally took on character when the campers painted the surface.

visual art 29/08/2015
Paper Flower

We made colorful, 3-dimensional flowers by assembling flat shapes that we cut out.

visual art 29/08/2015
Group Recorder Pratice Music 29/08/2015
Practicing the Recorder Music 29/08/2015