What I've Created

Project Description Type Date
Drawing visual art 29/08/2015

We started out by looking at paintings of flowers by Georgia O’Keefe, an innovative painter of the mid-twentieth century. She painted flowers from an up close perspective, hoping to share the unique way in which she personally saw them. Campers then spent a few days in the green-house, sketching the plants that they found most interesting. They then transferred their sketches to canvas, using a grid for guidance. Their finished paintings are surely unique!

visual art 29/08/2015
Commercial Project

The students learned about advertising and used their theatre/film acting skills that we previously worked on to create their own commercial advertisement. The students were given some guidelines, such as to include persuasive techniques, a price, and creativity aspects; but the entirety of the commercials were created and invented by the students. I was very impressed of the effort and creativity they all used.

Here is a YouTube link to Kayla and Amaiya’s commercial: