What I've Created

Project Description Type Date
Collage Wrist Band

Using old magazines, campers cut out and assembled images that they found appealing. Once the collage pieces were arranged in a form that could be fashioned into a wrist band, we laminated them and added velcro to the ends. Voila! A brand new creative piece of jewelry!

visual art 29/08/2015
Flower Dissection

At the Horticultural Center, we were surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers. By dissecting a Lily Alstromeria flower, campers discovered the inner-workings of the flower and learned that a flower performs an important job for a plant. The flower is the reproductive organ of the plant. Flowers are pretty and smell good because they need to attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies. When a flower is pollinated, it’s ovary and ovules begin to grow into a fruit containing seeds. The seeds will one day grow into a new plant! Campers identified and charted each part of the flower.

Paper Flower

We made colorful, 3-dimensional flowers by assembling cut-out, flat shapes.

visual art 29/08/2015